Prof. Dr. Gerald Häubl

Gerald Häubl
Forschungsprofessor für Marketing und Consumer Behavior
Bahnhofstrasse 8 CH-9000 St. Gallen
+41 (0)71 224 2170
+41 (0)71 224 2132
Consumer Psychology, Consumer Decision Making, Decision Assistance, Preference Construction, Assistive Consumer Technologies

Curriculum Vita

Professor Gerald Häubl obtained his PhD in Marketing at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Science at the University of Alberta, and he is a Research Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at the Institute for Customer Insight.

A significant portion of Gerald Häubl’s research is aimed at advancing our understanding of the psychological processes that govern what people choose to consume and how they experience the outcomes of these choices. He has also done extensive work on consumer decision making in technology-mediated environments and on decision assistance for consumers.

Professor Häubl has published in leading journals in the fields of marketing, psychology, and information systems, as well as in important outlets in some areas of computing science. In particular, his research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer PsychologyMarketing Science, the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Marketing, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, the Journal of RetailingPsychological SciencePsychometrika, the Journal of Experimental PsychologyInformation Systems ResearchManagement Information Systems Quarterly, the MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery, among other journals.

The research-related awards Professor Gerald Häubl has received include the 2012 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the 2000 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award.

Selected Publications:

  • Gamified Information Presentation and Consumer Adoption of Product Innovations (with Müller-Stewens, Jessica, Tobias Schlager, Gerald Häubl, and Andreas Herrmann) [2017, Journal of Marketing, in press]
  • Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt (with Keri Kettle, Remi Trudel, and Simon Blanchard) [2017, Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming]
  • The Preference-Signaling Effect of Search (with Xin Ge and Neil Brigden) [2015, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25, 2, 245-256]
  • Product Customization via Starting Solutions (with Christian Hildebrand and Andreas Herrmann) [2014, Journal of Marketing Research, 51, 6, 707-725]
  • Consumer Substitution Decisions: An Integrative Framework (with Rebecca Hamilton, Debora Thompson, et al.) [2014, Marketing Letters, 25, 3, 305-317]
  • When Social Media Can Be Bad For You: Community Feedback Stifles Consumer Creativity and Reduces Satisfaction with Self-Designed Products (with Christian Hildebrand, Andreas Herrmann, and Jan Landwehr) [2013, Information Systems Research, 24, 1, 14-29]
  • Price versus Nice? How Unfavorable Price Comparisons Help Retain Customers (with Valerie Trifts and Lei Huang) [2013, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 21, 2, 163-178]
  • Conformity and the Crowd (with Christian Hildebrand, Andreas Herrmann, and Jan Landwehr) [2013, Harvard Business Review, July-August, 23]
  • Beyond Nudges: Tools of a Choice Architecture (with Eric Johnson et al.) [2012, Marketing Letters, 23, 2, 487-504]
  • Bid-Elicitation Interfaces and Bidding Behavior in Interactive Pricing (with Martin Spann, Martin Bernhardt, and Bernd Skiera) [2012, Journal of Retailing, 88, 1, 131-144]
  • Why Dominant Companies Are Vulnerable (with Kyle Murray) [2012, Sloan Management Review, 53, 2, 12-14]
  • Parsimonious Structural Equation Models for Repeated Measures Data, With Application to the Study of Consumer Preferences (with Terry Elrod and Steven Tipps) [2012, Psychometrika, 77, 2, 358-387]
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  • What to Say When: Influencing Consumer Choice by Delaying the Presentation of Favorable Information (with Xin Ge and Terry Elrod) [2012, Journal of Consumer Research, 38, 6, 1004-1021]
  • Freedom of Choice, Ease of Use, and the Formation of Interface Preferences (with Kyle Murray) [2011, MIS Quarterly, 35, 4, 955-976]
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