Executive Education

Our practice-orientated Executive Education programme deals with various topical themes and offers courses designed for the specific continuing education needs of management executives and decision-makers. If required, we can also provide courses in the form of in-house seminars. In the following is a brief overview of our current course options. Businesses and executives are today confronted with ever-more complex and rapidly changing developments in their specific market segment. Our continuing education programme is designed to help participants tackle these challenges and is characterised by its high level of practice-orientation and topicality that, however, does not result in the relinquishment of a solid theoretical basis.

The main point of departure and connecting link within our Executive Education programme is the subject of customer insights. We have chosen this topic deliberately; in our view, success in the marketplace will in future depend to a large degree on the extent to which organisations and individuals are able to understand in-depth the specific requirements of their customers and to meet these by providing the correspondingly tailored offers and solutions. In the following is a brief overview of the current course options offered by the Institute of Customer Insight.

CAS Sportmanagement Program

The sports industry is not only one of the fastest growing branches in our economy – in many countries it already represents one of the largest business sectors. In Germany alone, some 15 million persons are currently working in fields relating to sport and the demand for personnel with business administration skills is growing.
The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sports Management offered by the University of St. Gallen provides sports personalities and athletes with insights into the world of management and managers with an introduction to sport business administration

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CAS Change & Innovation Management Programm

In our complex world, it is essential to continuously develop one’s own capabilities in order to stay competitive in the medium and long-term. The University of St. Gallen welcomes you to an executive course, which gives you the optimal preparation for your personal and professional future endeavor. Which leadership styles are necessary within growth markets? How can you establish innovative business models? How does successful self-management work? Well-known Executive MBA Professors from the University of St. Gallen as well as leading experts within the change and innovation field will work with you on these and other exciting topics. This certified course of study in cooperation with Dr. Wladimir Klitschko delivers you the essentials to shape your future professional career. Become part of the largest European university network and be inspired to new projects through the personal encounter with professors, experts and participants. Leading employees and executives from large corporations, medium-sized enterprises, banks, consultancy’s and the public sector have enthusiastically completed this course and confirm the successful implementation and practical relevance through their feedback. We give you the tools to successfully accomplish your next career step.

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CAS SMART Mobility Management

The mobility industry as one of the most important global key industries is facing the biggest and deepest change in its history. The way we live, work and move from one place to another is changing. The management of the opportunities and risks of this transformation is the focus of our CAS course ‘SMART Mobility Management driven by SMART Data & SMART Cities’. Climate change, urbanization, technological advances and social transitions are leading to changing customer requirements. Intelligent and professional management of digitally driven innovations now enables the necessary change toward a sustainable, self-determined and intelligent SMART Mobility. With our certified course, you will learn to prepare yourself professionally and personally in the best possible way for the challenging SMART Mobility future.

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