Themen für Abschlussarbeiten

Das Institut für Customer Insight bietet Studierenden verschiedene Themen zur Bearbeitung im Rahmen einer Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit an:

Virtual Reality: The New One?
(Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit, Betreuung durch Daniel Boller)

Deign of Health Applications
(Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit, Betreuung durch Daniel Boller)

How do organizations succeed in strategically and structurally pursuing a meaningful purpose rather than only short-term profits?
(Masterarbeit, Betreuung durch Maximilian Strecker)

What makes work meaningful for the individual in an organizational setting? What are enablers and barriers in the individual’s quest for purpose?
(Masterarbeit, Betreuung durch Maximilian Strecker)

Voice Shopping: Consumers are offered new and innovative ways to interact with brands in their purchase decisions. For instance, Google Home and Amazon Echo allow for voice shopping. This Master thesis should explore consumer decision making in voice shopping and map related touchpoints and the customer journey. We recommend a qualitative research approach. If interested, please contact with a one pager Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer (

Vermarktung von Innovationen
(Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit, Betreuung durch Dr. Dennis Vogt)